Recent Articles

Title: A Three-dimensional Multi-species Flow Solver for the Euler Equations Combined with a Stiffened Gas Equation of State

Author(s): Hind Benakrach, Mohamed Bounouib, Mourad Taha-Janan, Mohamed Zeriab Essadek
Pages: 55-64

Title: Five-level DTC-ANN with Balancing Strategy of DSIM

Author(s): Elakhdar Benyoussef, Said Barkat
Pages: 52-59

Title: Transfer Learning-Based Deep Learning Models for Screening Covid-19 Infection from Chest CT Images

Author(s): Dr. S. Malliga, Dr. S. V. Kogilavani, R. Deepti, S. Gowtham Krishnan, G. J. Adhithiya
Pages: 32-44