Digital Archiving and Preservation Policy

Our digital preservation policy outlines the project that all our digital records will be sustainable for the foreseeable future. As the digital contents of our journals are extremely valuable, measures are in place to ensure both its current accessibility and long-term preservation.

Therefore, we guarantee continued access through the following preservation policy measures:

  • The NAUN contents are archived in Portico

  • Web-Archiving and Preservation Our electronic contents, such as the website, the manuscripts etc., are stored on three (3) different sources/servers. The content on one server is online and accessible to the readers and the copy of the very same content is kept as a backup on two other sources. In case of failure of one server, any one of the other sources can be made online and our website would be expected to be accessible again within 24-48 hours.

  • Data Indexing and Archiving Our journal’s indexing services archive not only the metadata of the article, but the electronic versions as well. Therefore copies of the articles are available to the scientific community through their systems as an alternative to the journals own.

  • Self-archiving The authors may archive the final published version of their articles in personal or institutional repositories immediately after publication.

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