Review Process

NAUN has recruited the services of almost 10000 reviewers, a number that is always on the rise, and everyone is welcome to apply for participation in the review process. Should you want to serve as NAUN reviewer, send an email to

EVERY SINGLE paper that is submitted to journal undergoes thorough review. During paper submission, the author is asked to select topics related to the paper. Those topics are then automatically matched in our system in order for the most relevant reviewers to be selected.

The paper then undergoes initial evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief and if it passes, it is sent to reviewers for further, more thorough evaluation. As soon as the reviewers are selected, the paper is assigned to them and they receive a notification email. Each reviewer can then log on to their NAUN reviewer account, from where they can see which papers they have already reviewed and which are still pending.

The pending papers can be easily downloaded on the spot, and then the reviewer can fill out the Review Submission form, grading different aspects of the paper and providing comments to both the authors as well as the Editors-in-Chief.

Afterwards, the author is notified that their paper has been reviewed, receiving an email that includes the grades and the comments. They can then make appropriate revisions and log on to their account in order to replace their paper with the revised version. The paper is then reexamined by the Editor-in-Chief or the local organizing committee, and undergoes secondary review based on the modifications.

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