Ranks of Identity Difference Transformation Semigroup

Authors: Omelebele Jude. A., Udoaka O. G., Udoakpan I. U.

Abstract: This study focuses on the ranks of identity difference transformation semigroup. The ideals of all the (sub) semigroups; identity difference full transformation semigroup (IDT_n), identity difference order preserving transformation semigroup, (IDO_n), identity difference symmetric inverse transformation semigroup( IDI_n), identity difference partial order preserving symmetric inverse transformation semigroup( IDPOI_n) and identity difference partial order preserving transformation semigroup ( IDPO_n) were investigated for rank and their combinatorial results obtained respectively.

Pages: 49-54

DOI: 10.46300/91019.2022.9.10

International Journal of Pure Mathematics, E-ISSN: 2313-0571, Volume 9, 2022, Art. #10