A CNN-ABiGRU method for Gearbox Fault Diagnosis

Authors: Xiaoyang Zheng, Zeyu Ye, Jinliang Wu

Abstract: As a key part of modern industrial machinery, there has been a lot of fault diagnosis methods for gearbox. However, traditional fault diagnosis methods suffer from dependence on prior knowledge. This paper proposed an end-to-end method based on convolutional neural network (CNN), Bidirectional gated recurrent unit (BiGRU), and Attention Mechanism. Among them, the application of BiGRU not only made perfect use of the time sequence of signal, but also saved computing resources more than the same type of networks because of the low amount of calculation. In order to verify the effectiveness and generalization performance of the proposed method, experiments are carried out on two datasets, and the accuracy is calculated by the ten-fold crossvalidation. Compared with the existing fault diagnosis methods, the experimental results show that the proposed model has higher accuracy.

Pages: 440-446

DOI: 10.46300/9106.2022.16.54

International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, E-ISSN: 1998-4464, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #54