Linear Programming Model and Dietary Plan for HIV- Infected Children Ages 6 - 9 Years Using Locally Available Foods in Simiyu, Tanzania

Authors: Leonard Kamanga Katalambula, Halidi Ally Lyeme, Jairos Shinzeh Kahuru

Abstract: Most HIV - infected patients lose weight, and weight loss is linked to mortality in HIV patients. An adequate diet is essential at all times to avoid weight loss, combat infection, and build and retain muscular mass. A linear programming model has been employed to model the diet for HIV - infected children aged 6-9 years to maximize energy intake using locally available foods. Fifty-eight food items obtained from a previous 24 - hours dietary recall assessment was modeled. A food exchange list was used to distribute food items into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Three different dietary plans were formulated from locally available food with recommended amount of energy intake of greater than or equal to 1815 Kcal.

Pages: 1-7

DOI: 10.46300/91014.2024.18.1

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, E-ISSN: 2074-1278, Volume 18, 2024, Art. #1