Saudi Women’s Contribution to Ha’il’s Family-Centered Digital Citizenship Values

Authors: Nada Zawayyid Al-Mutairi, Thahab Naif Al-Shammari

Abstract: The primary goal of the present study is to identify the contribution Saudi women make to the Ha’il region's family values of digital citizenship. The researcher employed the descriptive analytical method and the questionnaire was utilized to collect the study data, which was applied electronically to a sample of 210 individuals. The study's findings indicated that Saudi women could help their families adopt digital citizenship ideals by sharing their knowledge and engaging in particular activities related to these principles. The study also suggested that Ha’il University should take action by creating training programs, establishing a family guidance office, and developing a specialized course on this specific topic. Additionally, it recommended that the university focus its scientific studies and research on further investigations into digital citizenship and its consequences.

Pages: 1-10

DOI: 10.46300/9109.2024.18.1

International Journal of Education and Information Technologies, E-ISSN: 2074-1316, Volume 18, 2024, Art. #1