Kinematic Analysis of Constrained General Planner Mechanisms Using MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Authors: Marian William, Moutaz M. Hegaze, Mohamed I. Abu El-Sebah, Yasser Elshaer

Abstract: Mechanisms are significant in mechanical engineering as they are required for proper motion transition. This work studies the kinematic analysis of the planar mechanisms using constraint properties between links and joints. A joint library has been built by two types of joints (revolute and prismatic) and has been modeled to be extended in the future. The Kinematic Analysis of General Planer Mechanisms (KAGPM) has been described and implemented through the Graphical User Interface in MATLAB. The Newton-Raphson method was utilized as a numerically computational technique to resolve the kinematic constraint equations. The proposed KAGPM program has been in the kinematic analysis of a slider crank mechanism for the purpose of validation with Haug. For more validation of the program, the effects of some effective parameters have been investigated (the geometric of the mechanism, the initial conditions, and the transient of the mechanism).

Pages: 8-15

DOI: 10.46300/9104.2023.17.2

International Journal of Mechanics, E-ISSN: 1998-4448, Volume 17, 2023, Art. #2