Performance Evaluation of Datapath designs using FinFET and MOSFET

Author: Raju Hajare

Abstract: The VLSI Technology has been progressing significantly and the circuits which consume less power become major concern factor for designing todays ICs for Microprocessors and other various systems components. The Datapath is important part of a system. Adders, multipliers, and shift registers are the major components of data path unit of ALU. Almost all digital circuits and chips are made of MOSFET as the basic switching element. But same MOSFET suffers due to Short Channel Effects (SCEs) when scaled down to nano regime, which has promoted multigate device called FinFET. And this FinFET device overcomes the SCEs at technology nodes. In this paper 28T and 16T MOSFET and FinFET based full adders are designed. Using adders, 4x4 array multiplier is designed using both MOSFET and FinFET technology along with it Serial in Serial out shift register designs. The circuits designed based on MOSFET and FinFET are analyzed in terms of power and delay at various nodes. From the software characterization and analysis, it is understood that FinFET based circuits promise better performance at lower technology nodes like 22nm and 14nm than higher technology nodes in MOSFET like 250nm, 180nm, 90nm and 45nm. Hence FinFET becomes a promising device for future IC technology.

Pages: 54-60

DOI: 10.46300/9107.2022.16.9

International Journal of Communications, E-ISSN: 1998-4480, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #9