Mathematical Modelling for Studying the Influence of the Initial Stress and Relaxation Time on Reflection Waves in Thermo-piezoelectric Half-space

Authors: Fatimah A. Alshaikh, Abo-Εl-Νour N. Abd-Αlla

Abstract: The aim of this study is to illustrate of the influence of the thermal relaxation time according the Lord-Shulman model and the initial stress on the reflection of plane waves in an elastic transversely isotropic thermo-piezoelectric half-space. The governing equation and suitable boundary conditions of a transversely isotropic thermo-piezoelectric medium are solved to obtain reflection coefficients when incident waves are falling at the interface between vacuum and half-space. The effects of thermal relaxation time and the initial stress are calculated numerically and shown graphically on these coefficients

Pages: 35-39

DOI: 10.46300/91018.2022.9.6

International Journal of Materials, E-ISSN: 2313-0555, Volume 9, 2022, Art. #6