A Formal Verification Based on Yu-Cao Delayed Chaotic Neural Network

Authors: Chi Huang, Chenglian Liu, Yueyang Cai, Sonia C-I Chen, Xiaofei Ji

Abstract: Yu and Cao proposed “Cryptography based on delayed chaotic neural networks” in 2006. However, in 2009, Yang et al. pointed out the Yu-Cao scheme can not against chosen plaintext attack. Liu et al. studies exclusiveor logical operation very well, and provided Boolean algebra proofs in 2012. Ye et al. used Liu et al.’s method to reinterpret and analyze Yu-Cao scheme in 2018. In this paper the authors would like to give a formal verification by Galois field expression on the exclusive-or operation problem again. As this result, it makes more effective insecure to Yu-Cao algorithm.

Pages: 899-903

DOI: 10.46300/9106.2022.16.111

International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, E-ISSN: 1998-4464, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #111