Characteristics of Socio-Economic Issues and Their Possible Resolution in the Housing Market of Latvia

Authors: Ineta Geipele, Sanda Geipele, Iveta Stāmure

Abstract: The aim of the research is to identify the main socioeconomic issues in the housing market and to elaborate proposals for resolving them in order to stabilize the development of housing market in Latvia. Within the framework of the research, real estate is evaluated as an object of real estate economics and an important real estate, as well as the housing market constituent of the national economy of Latvia. As socio-economic issues are important factors that affect the development of real estate market as well as housing market, a classification of the affecting factors is performed. Socio-economic issues that affect the development of housing market are also defined in the research. A qualitative and quantitative evaluation of population change in the largest cities and rural regions of Latvia has been performed; moreover, the level of household income in Latvia has been evaluated, and the housing fond has been viewed as an important socio-economic issue.

Pages: 103-110

DOI: 10.46300/9103.2022.10.16

International Journal of Economics and Statistics, E-ISSN: 2309-0685, Volume 10, 2022, Art. #16