Foreign Direct Investment in the Function of Increasing the Competitiveness of Serbian Agriculture (perspectives of organic agriculture)

Authors: Radovan Tomić, Gordana Tomić MA, Dragica Tomić, Denis Bugar, Aleksandra Tomić

Abstract: In this paper, the authors emphasize the importance of foreign direct investment in Serbian agriculture. In the contemporary world, we are witnessing a large number of significant changes of the social, economic and technological nature, as well as the new challenges facing the national economies at the macro and micro levels. In the contexts of globalization and integration into the modern economy, issues are related to competitiveness and ensuring the highest quality of national business environment. In these conditions, when almost all the raw materials are available, natural advantages have almost the only effect on competition policy. Agriculture is a broad term, which, in addition to primary agricultural production, includes manufacturing, i.e. production of finished food products.

Pages: 53-59

DOI: 10.46300/9103.2022.10.9

International Journal of Economics and Statistics, E-ISSN: 2309-0685, Volume 10, 2022, Art. #9