One Approach to Solve Some Problems of Management Under Uncertainty

Authors: Teimuraz Tsabadze, Archil Prangishvili

Abstract: We consider the approaches to making decisions for control problems in nonstandard situations with a lack of the previous experience and incomplete knowledge of the considered problem. In such cases we usually cannot do without expert evaluations which lead to the process of group decision-making, and it becomes necessary to solve a problem of alternatives aggregation. It has been proposed to solve such problems by means of fuzzy sets. The approach is based on the coordination index and the similarity of finite collections of fuzzy sets and takes into account the specific character of the fuzzy aggregation operator. The approach is discussed and its algorithm is presented. An example of the application of the proposed method is given.

Pages: 11-19

DOI: 10.46300/91017.2022.9.3

International Journal of Fuzzy Systems and Advanced Applications, E-ISSN: 2313-0512, Volume 9, 2022, Art. #3