Euro-Asia Comparative Study of Logistics Cost

Authors: K. Y. Tippayawong, K. Veyrat-Parisien

Abstract: This study aims to describe and compare infrastructure systems of Asian and European countries. The first part is a survey to show similarities and differences between the two systems. Comparison between transportation costs is made. Road and air transports are studied, starting from Paris for Europe and from Bangkok for Asia to other cities within their respective continents. It was shown that it is not possible to rank in one part Asian countries and in second part European countries. It is better to rank Asian and European countries together because they represent the same level of development in one hand and the emerging countries in the other. Freight transport has been shown to be cheaper in Asia than in Europe, even if the price depends on destination. However, border crossing is more expensive in Asia than in European Union.

Pages: 19-22

DOI: 10.46300/91012.2022.16.4

International Journal of Energy and Environment, E-ISSN: 2308-1007, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #4