A Serious Game to Promote and Facilitate Entrepreneurship Education for Young Students

Authors: Mario Allegra, Dario La Guardia, Simona Ottaviano, Valentina Dal Grande, Manuel Gentile

Abstract: The paper describes a serious gamedesigned and implemented within the framework of the European project “Posso … Non Posso … Vado! PNPV Project Rev.2 (I can ... I cannot ... I go!) which aims to introduce and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among young people. The focus of the game is on the management of a touristic company, in a complex market in which players compete with other companies/players. After a brief overview on Entrepreneurship Education, the paper describes the structure of the gamethat allows players to face increasingly complex situations, through learning by doing and learning by failing methodologies. Thenthetools integrated in the game to support teachersin analyzing students’ activities are described.

Pages: 11-18

DOI: 10.46300/91012.2022.16.3

International Journal of Energy and Environment, E-ISSN: 2308-1007, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #3