Evaluation of the Cytology and Histology of Uterus and Cervix as Predictors of Estrous Stages In Ewes and Dairy Cows

Authors: Benbia S., Yahia M., Boutelis S., Chennaf A., Yahia Massinissa

Abstract: The aim of this study was to describe in ewes and dairy cows, uterine, cervical and vaginal aspect in a physiological context, using cytological and histological techniques as a gold standard. Reproductive tracts of slaughtered cows and ewes were collected from a commercial slaughterhouse in the region of batna. The reproductive phase of each tract was estimated by ovarian performance. Cytobrush samples from the uterus and cervix were prepared. The smears were stained and examined for differential cellular counts. Furthermore, biopsy samples fixed in 10% buffered formaldehyde, embedded in paraffin, sectioned and stained with hematoxylin and eosin. The results showed no significant difference (P≥0.05) for cellular densities between cervical and uterine in different phases of estrus cycle (follicular and luteal phases) of the ewes and cows. However, there were significant differences in the percentage of neutrophil cells of uterine and cervix smears in tracts with a corpus luteum (CL) or without a CL. in spite of, the following histological changes were observed during the estrous cycle in cows and ewes. Histological examination was a useful diagnostic method that provided rich detail on endometrial inflammation, and allowed evaluation of different components of the tissue such as the epithelium, lamina propria, endometrial glands, and blood vessels. Therefore, in cows and ewes cervical smears may be used for evaluation of uterine condition.

Pages: 38-40

DOI: 10.46300/91015.2022.16.7

International Journal of Systems Applications, Engineering & Development, E-ISSN: 2074-1308, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #7