Moving Vehicle Detection and Recognition Technology based on Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Zengfang Shi, Meizhou Liu

Abstract: The existing target detection and recognition technology has the problem of fuzzy features of moving vehicles, which leads to poor detection effect. A moving car detection and recognition technology based on artificial intelligence is designed. The point operation is adopted to enhance the high frequency information of the image, increase the image contrast, and delineate the video image tracking target. The motion vector similarity is used to predict the moving target area in the next frame of the image. The texture features of the moving car are extracted by artificial intelligence, and the center moment is calculated by the gray histogram distribution curve, the edge feature extraction algorithm is used to set the detection and recognition mode. Experimental results: under complex conditions, this design technology, compared with the other two kinds of moving vehicle detection and recognition technology, detected three more moving vehicles, which proved that the application prospect of the moving vehicle detection and recognition technology integrated with artificial intelligence is broader.

Pages: 399-405

DOI: 10.46300/9106.2022.16.49

International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, E-ISSN: 1998-4464, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #49