Signal Model and Parameter Estimation for Colocated Mimo Radar

Authors: Moein Ahmadi, Kamal Mohamed-Pour

Abstract: In this paper, we consider the signal model and parameter estimation for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar with colocated antennas on stationary platforms. Considering internal clutter motion, a closed form of the covariance matrix of the clutter signal is derived. Based on the proposed closed form and low rank property of the clutter covariance matrix and by using the singular value decomposition, we have proposed a subspace model for the clutter signal. Following the proposed signal model, we have provided maximum likelihood (ML) estimation for its unknown parameters. Finally, the application of the proposed ML estimation in space time adaptive processing (STAP) is investigated in simulation results. Our ML estimation needs no secondary training data and it can be used in scenarios with nonhomogeneous clutter in range.

Pages: 7-11

DOI: 10.46300/9102.2022.16.2

International Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, E-ISSN: 1998-0159, Volume 16, 2022, Art. #2